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Can you please post a link to my blog if you post this? 

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Can I submit a picture?
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Please feel free to do so, I will action on it when I get a chance!

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are you a guy? i would love to submit a few of my period pictures to you.
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I most certainly am and you are more than welcome to do that!

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lately i’ve been seeing a lot of negative opinions about this blog and it makes me question what i’m doing. i think i’m doing a good thing.

i’m not trying to force this blog down anyone’s throat. some people experience dysphoria from menstruation or have other medical issues that mean they will…

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Just can’t be with someone who gets grossed out by periods. Come on.

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Where do you keep your tampons? We love how Jojotastic displays her U by Kotex® Click® tampons.

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Ever come across a guy who is into periods and maxi pads?
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Online, yes.  I’ve made a few videos on the topic based on fan suggestions:

Taboo - Jerk Off Instruction Brother Caught Masturbating With Used Pads & Tampons

Pussy Worship - Menstruation Worship

Sex Ed – POV Stepmother Period Lesson

Sex Ed - Menstruation Lesson

None of them show any menstrual blood though, because its against clips4sale & pretty much every payment processor’s terms of service.  Which I think is ridiculous.  Its perfectly okay to sell gang bangs & bukkake, but seeing a woman’s period?  Why that’s obscene.  The few sites that cater to it, as far as I know, are foreign.

I think the idea is really hot, because like most every other woman in the US, I grew up believing that my period was the grossest most disgusting thing about being a woman.  For someone to be sexually aroused by it is arousing to me.  My husband isn’t INTO it per se, but he’s gone down on me while on my period without a tampon in a few times (when it wasn’t too heavy) and I really like it.  I’ll have sex on my period, just not when its too messy.

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What the fuck is the problem with masturbating while on your period? It’s smooth, wet and hella fun

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